“Man braucht kein Handbuch, nur Munition.”
Unbekannter Designer eines 3D-Shooters

“The gamer must be in constant fear.”
John Romero, Ion Storm

“Es ist definitiv kein besonders tolles Gefühl für einen Spieler, wenn er sich verirrt hat.”
Ernest Adams, EA

“If all you have is a hammer, everything resembles a nail.”

“If everything is either reward or punishment, everybody looks like a dog.”

“There is no reason why people could not scan their boss´s image into a customized version of “Doom” and blast away. Would this exercise make it more or less likely that they would actually shoot their boss?”
Janet H. Murray

“Warning! Driver only carries $20. In ammunition.”

“To further inform consumers of the violent subject matter, a large warning was placed on the front of the box and the ESRB rating was enlarged for greater visibility. A “mature audiences” warning was also added to the game´s bumper...”
Eric Biessman / Soldier of Fortune

“Es blutet - man kann es töten!”
Arnold Schwarzenegger / Predator

“A woman needs a reason for violence, a guy only needs a place.”
Sheri Graner Ray

“I´m not going to be murdered,” Harry said out loud.
“That’s the spirit, dear,” said his mirror sleepily.
J.K. Rowling

“If you cant´t take it, don´t play it.”
Alexander Ferguson

“If you don´t shoot, you won´t score.”
Alexander Ferguson

“Games that just have nonstop action are fun for a while, but often get boring. This is because of the lack of intrigue, suspense, and drama. How many action movies have you seen where the hero of the story shoots his gun every few seconds and is always on the run?”
Troy Dunniway

"I´m amazed at the number of so-called action games where, if you put the joystick down and sit back and watch, you´re just staring at a blank screen. Once you clear out that room of enemies, you can sit there for hours."
Jordan Mechner

„Samurai müssen lediglich testen, ob der Vorderteil ihrer Kriegsrüstung Kugeln aushält.“
Aussage eines japanischen Generals

„Wenn die letzte LAN geschlossen, Counterstrike verboten und das Internet zensiert ist, werdet ihr merken, dass man seine Kinder doch erziehen muss.“
Unbekannt (Dank an Heiko)

„I have here a Duke Nukem action figure. ... It says: „Warning. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under three.““
Daphne White (Duke Nukem hat ein „M rating“, ist also nur für Erwachsene geeignet)

“Es wird immer Leute geben, die reden. Worte. Dann gehst du raus und zeigst es ihnen.”
Maria Scharapowa

“Kill them all. Let God sort them out.”
Sarge in “Doom - Der Film”

Samantha Grimm: “Reaper? As in grim?”
John Grimm: “We’re Marines, Sam, not poets.”
Aus “Doom - Der Film”

"There aren't many doll-playing girls who might fancy occasional recourse to a double-barreled shotgun."
Chris Crawford

"Birds travel in groups, Eagles fly alone..."
Joel Osteen


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